It all started in 2005! As a working cosmetologist, and having a passion for makeup artistry, Cindy Stirling interviewed for an artistry position at MAC Cosmetics. Low and behold, it happened to be with Michelle Schoser Davis who was knee deep in a 20 year career with the brand. It is safe to say that Cindy was hired, and this, our Virtual Beauties was the start of their 15 year industry relationship. After many Studio Fix matches later, both Cindy and Michelle moved on to focus on their own freelance business careers. Fast forward to 2020, yes, the amazing 2020! Virtual Makeup Lesson was born in the height of a Global Pandemic. Who would have thought that life as we knew it would be turned upside down! A humbling experience as successful business owners to have your booked calendar wiped clean overnight. After a ZOOM Happy Hour and a “few” cocktails with friends, it dawned on Cindy to take her services virtually and offer Makeup Lessons for her clients and those who are “at home”. The concept was literally built overnight. After being featured on over 150 CBS news stations, The Daily Mail TV and countless inquiries later, she knew there was a huge need. People wanted to learn! Right away Cindy knew she had to call Michelle and they combined forces! Together, we have seen our makeup artist community and our craft hit by this pandemic and are excited to provide alternate means of opportunities for talented working makeup artists across the globe to share their years of knowledge with YOU! Virtual Makeup Lesson is here to provide anyone at all skill levels a place for contactless makeup education in a cost effective and inclusive way from the comfort of your own home. Beauty At Your Own Pace, Anytime, Anyplace!
Our global real working makeup artists are sharing their tried and true techniques with their industry secrets and expertise in the beauty industry. Learn at your own pace with our on-demand videos from virtually anywhere.